Information for visitors to our Plant Fair

We do want all the visitors to our Plant Fairs to have an enjoyable and safe visit. Covid restrictions in England have been largely relaxed, but we still need to be vigilant. We have implemented a number of measures to improve safety, and would ask that visitors comply with the following advice.

  1. We will lay out the stalls at the fairs to allow as much space as possible around the stalls to minimise crowding when visitors are browsing
  2. Please try to maintain social distancing as much as possible during your visit, especially when queuing for entry or for toilets or refreshments
  3. Some of our nurseries can offer contactless payments, so please do use this if at all possible. However, our outdoor fairs are in rural locations, where the mobile phone signal can be variable, and the stall holders at our indoor fair are members of our group so will not be able to offer contactless payments. Therefore please do bring plenty of cash with you, and perhaps brush off your cheque book as well
  4. If at all possible please do bring your own bags or baskets and pack your purchases into them yourself. If that isn’t possible, don’t worry, our stall holders will be happy to help. Many will also have a supply of bags and boxes, but the stall holders at our indoor fair will only have a limited supply
  5. We will have hand sanitiser at the gates and toilets at our fairs, but suggest that you also bring your own supply to use during your visit
  6. Please don’t come to the fair if you are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or have tested positive and may be infectious
  7. It would be appreciated if those that are able to wear a face covering, both during their visit to our indoor fair, or whilst using indoor toilet or refreshment facilities at the outdoor fairs
  8. It is possible that Government Guidance may change in the future. If it does, and impacts the fairs, we will update the information on this page of our website

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