Plant Fair Information

To help anyone understand how the Plant Fair works, here are some additional notes:

  • In accordance with our normal practice, HPS members who volunteer to help at the Fair – either on the Group’s stall or on the gate – will not need to pay the entrance fee or book a ticket or parking of any sort. They will be sent a “Volunteers Pass” by me (Jane Hunt) which will allow them to park and time to look round in addition to their time on the stall or gate. 
  • Anyone who is not a volunteer must obtain a ticket via the booking site (the link to the booking site is on the Group’s website also).
  • RHS members must also obtain a ticket via the booking site accessible from our website, although this is free.
  • The Group does not make any money from the sale of entrance tickets – this all goes to the host garden as it does with all of our other Fairs. We only keep the fees paid by the nurseries for a stall. The RHS doesn’t make any money from this event either.
  • Parking is limited at the venue so all car drivers (RHS and others) must also book a parking permit via the booking site. We hope that people will choose to car share if possible. Parking permits are also free.
  • Tickets are available by hourly arrival slot, starting at 10.00am. This is intended to spread the arrival of customers and avoid an issue with parking. We expect the 10.00am slot to sell out quite quickly. Customers may arrive at any time within their chosen hour and stay as long as they wish. They do not have to leave the site at a particular time, although it would help the parking situation if they don’t stay too long!. 
  • The booking site will open on 1 February at 10.00am. The link to the booking site which appeared on my original note will be added beneath the flyer on the Home page of the Group’s website for convenience nearer the time. (It already has been added)

Jane Hunt

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