The UK Hardy Plant Society (HPS) was formed in 1957 to foster interest in hardy herbaceous plants on the widest possible scale. The aims of the society are to give its members information about the wealth of both well and little known plants, and to ensure that all worthy plants remain in cultivation and have the widest possible distribution.  In the Somerset Local Group, we provide information and activities at a local level for Hardy Plant Society members to promote the aims of the society.

This is accomplished by organising a programme of meetings, visits and publishing a local newsletter.  (Please see the Programme of Events page for full details of forthcoming events.)

Membership of the local group is open to anyone who is member of the Hardy Plant Society nationally. You can find details of how to join on the Membership page.

The Committee

  • Chair – Caroline Reeves
  • Secretary – Jane Hunt
  • Treasurer – Neil Morse
  • Speakers Secretary – Hester Messom
  • Visits Organiser – Kate Harris
  • Visits Bookings – Penny Berry 
  • Publicity and Marketing – Kay Savage 
  • Meet and Greet – Maralyn Norman
  • Refreshments Rota – Mike Vernoum
  • Noticeboard – Dick and Sue Sheppard 
  • Newsletter Editor – Vacant (Caroline Reeves caretaking)
  • Plant Fairs – Vacant (Jane Hunt caretaking)
  • Nursery List – Angela Summers
  • Website & Emails – Bill Hodgson