Notices from National HPS

  1. Please would anyone sending in donations of seeds for the HPS Seed Distribution please ensure that the envelope is weighed at the Post Office and the correct postage paid. Any envelopes without the correct postage will not be collected by the seed distribution organisers and the seed will be wasted.
  2. A reminder to
    1. Cast your votes for the national AGM by 31 August;
    2. Request and submit the National Survey (deadline now 1 September).

Both of these items were covered in the last national newsletter and copies of the forms may be downloaded from the (national) HPS website.

  1. There have been occurrences of a scam at various nurseries and garden centres, in the north of England and the Midlands, where a man has demanded financial compensation because his wife has supposedly cut her hand, requiring stitches, on a piece of glass found inside a plant pot. He also states that there was so much blood that he had to get the car valeted so wanted compensation to cover the cost of that too. Please would you warn any nurserymen you come in contact with as he might just come down this way on holiday and try his scam here!

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