Help requested for placing signage around April 27th

From Pauline Foster:

I am ordering 8 road side adverts for our forthcoming Annual Plant Sale to be erected within a fairly local radius of the village hall. I will need some helpers to put the signs up. The locations are A38 about 500 yards away from the junction with the A3259 in the Bridgwater direction; A358 past Henlade on both sides of the road ; A3259 Yallands Hill on both sides heading towards and away from Taunton and, finally, somewhere on the new housing estate at Monkton Heathfield. I don’t have a road number for that one. We will also need the loan of a staple gun to attach the signs to the wooden stakes which I will obtain. My intention is to have the signs and paraphernalia with me at the next meeting, 13th April. Hopefully there will be a merry band of helpers on hand!

Thanks, Pauline.

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