Your Committee

Following the 2022 AGM, the updated committee list is below. This group give their time enabling the group to run successfully:

  • Chair – Caroline Reeves
  • Secretary – Jane Hunt
  • Treasurer – Neil Morse
  • Speakers Secretary – Hester Messom
  • Visits Organiser – Kate Harris
  • Visits Bookings – Penny Berry 
  • Publicity and Marketing – Kay Savage 
  • Meet and Greet – Maralyn Norman
  • Refreshments Rota – Mike Vernoum
  • Noticeboard – Dick and Sue Sheppard 
  • Newsletter Editor – Vacant (Caroline Reeves caretaking)
  • Plant Fairs – Vacant (Jane Hunt caretaking)
  • Nursery List – Angela Summers
  • Website & Emails – Bill Hodgson

You can see we have two vacancies, for which we need help.

Plant Fairs

The work to organise our annual plant fairs is vital. The plant fairs raise the most money of any activity and enable us to have speakers like Fergus Garrett. We need someone to get involved to take on the plant fairs, for which you will have the support of others on the Committee, and enable the group to remain fully funded in the coming year.

The work involves sending emails, making phone calls, and handling the arrangements following a pattern which we repeat each year. If you can handle basic admin and could take this on, please get in touch.


For simplicity we aren’t producing a printed newsletter at the moment, making this role easier. What we need is someone with an interest in plants who will solicit, edit and send articles to the website for publication. Whilst this has happened on a semi-annual basis before to suit a print run, I would suggest this can be an on-going activity as we can distribute news easily and at any time via the website.

Full help will be given to get you going, you need to be able to send and receive emails, edit articles and then forward them to Bill for publishing. If you can find time during your year to give the group an on-going source of news and plant knowledge then please get in touch.

Website tweaks

I have recently updated the naming of the group on the website, partly due to ignorance. Our official name in the group constitution is The Hardy Plant Society Somerset Group, which is now correct in various places. I’ve also updated the home page photos from those in 2017 to some taken at the 2022 AGM.

From myself and all the committee, we hope you have a good break, and see you in 2023!

Bill Hodgson