Movember Appeal

During November I am raising funds via the Movember appeal, the idea being to grow facial hair for the month of November.

It’s been 9 years since I first Movember’d and this year I felt I’d support them again – especially for men’s mental health. I have direct experience of mental health challenges in people around me, and appreciate that sometimes we all need help.

I will be allowing my face to grow an unruly mess of whiskers which this time want to be like Lemmy from Motorhead. Last time I became a David Brent lookalike which was disturbing for all. This may not be the toughest challenge but the itching on my face is already a bother, and no less for my wife who has to avoid my hedgehog like face.

Money raised by Movember will support projects in the UK to provide education and support for mental health, and also towards research into prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention – 75% of suicides are by men.

If you can support me the money I raise goes to fund to projects in the UK and around the world – find out more on the Movember website under About -> Impact.

If you feel able to support me in this fund raising event then you can do so via my Movember page here. I’ve raised £500 so far from friends and colleagues who have been generous in their support.

The goal

The Reality

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