A message from your Chairwoman

It is time to start planning the June newsletter for Somerset Group. However we are still looking for a editor to bring this about. Are you that person?I edited the last issue following the layout as designed by Marion. It is quite straight forward once you have decided what to include and members have provided the promised articles and photos. There are certain items that need to be included but you are free to choose what to include as long as it is relevant to the group.  

In the meantime, whilst you are thinking of volunteering, why not write an article, not too short not too long and if appropriate illustrate with photos and send them to me (preferably by 22nd May) at carolineofcc@gmail.com or reply to this message. Look at past issues for inspiration and what about that topic that you are interested in but never seen it mentioned. I’d like to see a regular feature where members give us an insight into what they like growing and doing in their garden.  Why not have a go?

If Newsletter Editor does not appeal to you, please consider the following roles that are either vacant or soon will be:

  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Nursery List 
  • Plant Fair organiser

Jobs can always be shared as for example when Janet and Sandra organised the groups’ visits.

I am happy to discuss any of the above.


Chairwoman, Membership Secretary

Newsletter Editor (Temporary)

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