Sally Gregson – Image Requests

Sally Gregson is currently writing a book on Winter Gardens. Lockdown is good for getting the text written, but visiting gardens to take pictures is out of the question at present. Could you help by contributing a digital image of any one of the plants on Sally’s list (see below)?

The images need to be the highest resolution you have available. One way to judge this is the file size, at least 2Mb (megabyte) or more precisely at least 2000 pixels tall and 1000 pixels wide. Anything smaller won’t reproduce well, unfortunately. The file format needs to be either JPEG or TIFF, and without any adjustments, photoshopping or cropping.

Sally will need written permission to use your photograph(s), and your name would be against the image in the credits.

Please email your photographs to Sally at or if you’re sending several images use the free WeTransfer website, which is simple to use and will handle very large files with ease.

Here is Sally’s list of plants (click to download and open): Image Requests – Feb 2021

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