HPS Galanthus Group : Anne Repnow

The HPS Galanthus Group invite you to join a zoom meeting Anne Repnow, Some Snowdrops on Feb 6th at 6pm. It is free for members of the Galanthus group, (you can join straight away if you wish by emailing lynmiles@icloud.com), cost £5 for a single, £6 for a couple and I will then send you the zoom link.


For HPS members the charge is £4, please email me for the link to book your place, which I will be able to send you after Wed. 27th Jan.’21

About Anne Repnow

Anne C. Repnow lives and gardens near Heidelberg in Germany. She studied Zoology at Oxford before embarking on a career in scientific publishing which kept her from in-depth gardening for 30 years. However, she managed to squeeze in training courses in horticulture and garden design and experimented extensively in her gardens. So she had a solid basis of experience when eventually she left publishing to become a garden designer. Ten years into her new vocation and many happy customers later she has reduced her planning activities to have more time for her own garden, for photography, writing and watercolour painting.

It has always annoyed Anne that even her gardening friends regard her love of snowdrops as a quirky penchant for a boring white flower. And she feels that treating snowdrops simply as collectors’ items doesn’t do this genus justice either. So it is her mission to introduce garden-lovers to the beauty of snowdrops and to the satisfaction and joy they give in the most depressing months of the year.

Anne’s book which accompanies this talk can be bought here.

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