Newsletter Editor Required

Due to a change in circumstances which means I now have increased family commitments, I’m sorry to say that I find myself obliged to resign from my position as Somerset HPS Newsletter Editor.

The next newsletter is due to go out in January, so this is a plea to anyone who might be willing to step into the role as soon as possible. A basic understanding of Microsoft Word or Mac Pages is really all that’s required; the newsletter is created as a sequence of A5 pages, which the printer then rejigs into booklet form. There are three articles already pre-written for the January newsletter, which provides a good basic framework.

I don’t need to point out that without a Newsletter Editor, there is no newsletter. For the benefit of the Somerset Group and its future, I hope you can help.

Marion Jay

One thought on “Newsletter Editor Required

  1. Roy Stickland

    In his excellent piece in the latest issue of The Hardy Plant, Dan Hinkley writes about Escallonia illinita “barely possessing enough visual ornament to justify the considerable space its girth occupies” but its “delicious bombs of curry scent” justify its presence, adding that ” I give it a very hard cut back when ti threatens to exceed the size of the average family car.”

    No it’s not too big?? I could have done with that quote for our meeting back in September!

    Roy Stickland


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