Ian and Teresa Moss Salvia List

On behalf of Ian and Teresa Moss:

Click here for our  list of spare overwintered plants that are available for sale currently. We propagate our salvias primarily as an insurance policy to maintain and refresh our own collection, and generally have spare plants for sale that we have overwintered at this time of year, plus some spare cuttings from the next batch later in the season.

We don’t propagate in commercial quantities, so we only have a very few (often only one or two) plants of each variety for sale. However, we have a LOT of varieties, so there are quite a few plants available overall! The plants are all large, well established specimens, and we’ve included the pot size on the list to give an indication of this.

We don’t have a full descriptive list, with photos, but for those who want to get more details and see photos, most are listed on the late Robin Middleton’s website at http://www.robinssalvias.com/index.html

We haven’t sold plants in this way before, but are trying to adapt to the lockdown conditions, so here’s how we plan to work it:

  • Orders are sent in via e-mail (teresa@rareplantfair.co.uk), which should include the delivery address and a contact telephone number (in case we get lost!)
  • We reserve the plants pending payment
  • We send out an invoice, for payment by electronic bank transfer to keep the process contactless
  • Once payment is received, we will deliver the plants out and leave them in a safe place at the delivery address whilst maintaining social distancing
  • We will probably plan to carry out deliveries on one day each week, to minimize the amount of travelling, but we may change that depending on how demand goes

We plan to charge £5 for delivery, but this will be waived for orders totalling £50 or more. We aim to deliver within a 20-30 mile radius of our home address near Bridgwater.

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