My Journey Through Great Gardens


Presents an evening with ALAN POWER for a talk on My Journey Through Great Gardens

Alan Power, head gardener at Stourhead for over 20 years, found his love of gardens in his native Ireland, growing up outside Cork under the influence of his mother, an international champion at flower arranging.

He got hooked watching his mother pack up a garden and take it with them when they moved, and eventually came to study both horticulture and arboriculture in the UK, going on to gather expertise in managing huge historical gardens under the National Trust. He has won an honorary doctorate for his contributions to horticulture, presented on the BBC TV series on great gardens, and presented on Gardeners’ World

14th November 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Millennium Hall, Seavington St Mary TA19 0QH

Visitors welcome, £2 payable at the door

For more information contact Karen Day 01460 249728

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