Agapanthus Offers from Ro FitzGerald

Ro FitzGerald, still needing to lighten her plants load before a potential house move, has a number of Agapanthus which could be divided this autumn. Some have plenty of spare bulbs which will be inexpensive, ‘lost label’ plants even more of a bargain than named varieties. email for photographs, or for a time to come and see them. Could deliver to an autumn meeting.

One thought on “Agapanthus Offers from Ro FitzGerald

  1. Janet murley

    Hello Ro, I seem to have missed the previous offers but that may be my computer which is playing me up seriously. After talking to you I am interested in snowdrops Gladiolus and agapanthus /bulbs or plants. S What shrubs and Salvias?. at the moment I could not commit myself to digging as i am suffering severe pain with hip and knee and awaiting xrays physios etc . Very boring but don’t want to aggravate anything until i know what is going on. Can still come but may need to bring someone with me. hope you are well and getting out and about.Best wishes


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