Be On TV: Love Your Garden


My name is Anna & I work on Alan Titchmarsh’s garden makeover show, ‘Love Your Garden’. We redesign and makeover the gardens of families across the country. This year we are trying something new and want to inspire the UK to do more DIY gardening projects at home.

We are looking to follow DIY/novice gardeners/residents and any upcoming domestic garden projects they want to do at home themselves ( not community projects) or on alltoments. We are hoping to follow them over a 6-8 period.

Below are some potential new builds we would ideally like to follow, although we are open to new ideas!

  • Wildlife pond
  • Flower meadow from seed
  • Unusual raised bed project eg out of furniture?
  • Vertical gardens perhaps in a limited space, on a roof terrace perhaps?
  • To find a novice gardener who is willing to let us set up a new build in their space and willing to take care of it for
  • 6-8 weeks and do a video diary for us
  • A naturalistic kid’s den or play area
  • Make their shed look prettier with edible vines

I wondered if you could kindly help with my search by forwarding this on to any of your gardening contacts in the UK? If anyone Is interested in this project, my contact details are below. Ideally it would be great if they emailed me photos of their garden, and a description of the project they are doing/want to start.

Anna Altounyan | Assistant Producer

Spun Gold TV | 2nd & 3rd Floor | Cranmer House | 39 Brixton Road | London SW9 6DZ

Mob: +44(0)751 859 8002 | Work: +44(0)20 7065 6927

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