Ro Fitzgerald: Snowdrop Bulbs and Desirable Plant Sale

Snowdrop Time again! Mine are surviving the real stuff, and the winds, with their usual courage, and some are in quite good quantity. As I hope to move house, I need homes for  surplus bulbs of some of the best stalwarts – not top rarities but classics like ‘Augustus’. I could sell bulbs to members for a good cut less than normal catalogue prices (ie £2.50-£5). If interested, contact me using the form below and I’ll tell you what’s on offer. Bulbs could be lifted in April, or ‘in the green’ if it warms up a bit. 

Moving House! Not definite yet, but I need to plan new homes for plenty of nice plants, lots of good cutting material (shrubs and Salvias especially), and seeds of my interesting self-seeders. Prices will be token only if you can come to dig your own! Contact me using the form below to hear what’s on offer, or arrange a visit to poke round. 

Ro FitzGerald

Make contact with Ro using this form please

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