Newsletter Editor

Since my plea for a new newsletter editor to take over from Stuart, I am pleased to say that Marion Jay has agreed to take on the role. Members may know that Marion is the current editor of Cornucopia and was previously the newsletter editor for Hertfordshire Group before she and Bill Hodgson moved to Somerset.  She is therefore particularly well suited to build on Stuart’s excellent work and I very much look forward to Marion’s contributions in future editions.

She will of course need the support of members in providing material for her to publish, whether it is an account of our visits,plant fairs, photographs, information about plants or events of particular interest, questions or tips about gardening issues. The list of possibilities is a long one – anything that you would regard as interesting if you were to read about it in the newsletter is a pretty good guide. An editor will generally prefer to have too much material than not enough, so please don’t be shy. Share your thoughts with Marion, and through her with the rest of us.

(Send your articles, news, photos and newsletter contributions using the Contact form on this site, or by replying to any of the news emails you receive and Marion will reply directly by email)

In her most recent email to me, Marion concluded by saying, “Now all we have to do is to find a new chairman!”     Just so.   One member has suggested that we should limit the tenure of the post to three years, and it is true that some Groups have written that into their constitution. Somerset has not done that, but it is worth emphasising that a potential candidate can certainly make it a condition of being elected that they will do it for only a specified period.  It is emphatically not a job for life!  But it is a lively and enjoyable job which each individual will do in their own way.  Please give it some thought, talk to Jane, Stuart and/or other members, put on your negotiating hat and let’s get it well and truly cracked before the AGM in November.


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