Newsletter Editor and Group Chairman Needed

Please read this carefully and consider your response

30th November is the deadline for contributions for the next newsletter. This may seem a long way ahead and in some respects it is. But first we have an important issue to resolve to ensure that we are able to continue with the publication of the newsletter. We are seriously close to ceasing publication and we need your help.

Stuart gave notice two years ago of his intention to stand down because of other pressures, but continued to produce the newsletter in the hope that someone would come forward to take over. This has not happened and Stuart is now unable to commit to carrying on by default any longer. A replacement editor must be found and Stuart will gladly fully brief the new editor to ensure publication continues as in the past. Failing that, we shall rely on up-dates (such as this one) to inform you of booking arrangements for visits, programme events and any other ad hoc items. The journalistic items such as Chairman’s Letter, write ups and pictures from visits and occasional magazine items will disappear.

Despite all our efforts, we are in real danger of ending the year without a chairman and without a newsletter editor. Please don’t let that happen. There is a wonderful vibrancy about the Group at the moment and it would be a great pity if that were to be jeopardised. It was encouraging that we welcomed new members to the committee last year and they have already assumed important roles, but we need a couple more volunteers to help perpetuate the “vibe”. Whilst it is true that the key posts of Secretary and Treasurer remain occupied we cannot be complacent. Some Groups in recent years have been forced to close down for want of people to take on those key roles. Please don’t allow Somerset to be added to that list.

Please talk to Jane, Stuart or myself with offers/proposals to fill the vacant posts.


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