Roy Lancaster Talk – Cakes Opportunity

The special event on Saturday 23 June, when Roy Lancaster will be our guest speaker is in celebration of the Group’s 25th Anniversary.

Around 100 members and visitors have booked places, so we should have a good turnout. Booking is still open. After the talk we will be serving a sort of high tea comprising sandwiches, cakes and tea/coffee. There will also be a celebration cake which we shall ask Roy to cut. Arrangements are in hand for the sandwiches, but I would like to invite members attending the event to bring some ‘nice’ cakes to follow the sandwiches.

We will want to cater for people who have a gluten free requirement and one almond and orange cake has already been promised. One other gluten free of a different kind would enable us to offer a bit of choice. Requests of this kind usually get a good response with people joyfully baking their favourite recipe, and I hope this one will be no exception.

It will be helpful if those who are happy to offer a cake would let Biz Gibbs know what they will bring so that she has some idea what to expect. Contact her at Let’s celebrate your culinary skills as well as Roy Lancaster’s talk and our anniversary.

Apologies for sending this message if you will not be coming on the day.

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