Propagating Ferns – HPS Video

As part of an experiment we have made a video about propagating the Polystichum fern.  The video explains two techniques using either a whole fern leaf or by cutting and potting individual fernlets, and shows the steps to producing lots of new ferns.

We filmed this a few weeks ago on a dry, cold, and blustery day at Sally Gregson’s nursery to see what feedback we would get by making educational videos like this.

We are interested in hearing your feedback on the video, regarding the overall usefulness, the quality of the information, the level of detail and the overall length.

You can send feedback by email or by commenting on the video page by clicking the image below to visit and view the video, and leave your thoughts in the comments box at the bottom.

Videos | Somerset Hardy Plant Society 2018-02-07 14-19-05

Click the image above to visit the videos page

If you think the video is worth watching please tell others, as we’d like to hear from as many people as possible.

And finally, if there is a technique, topic or plant you’d like to see a video on which you think we should cover, please let us know too.

Thanks, Bill & Sally.

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