Cornish Grit & New Members

Cornish Grit

Sorry for the delayed answer to this question. Cornish grit is said to be available from:

  • Sweet Acre Nursery near Glastonbury. I verified this by phone (website)
  • Chelston Nurseries (website)
  • Champions Building Supplies, 4 tonne bags (website)

Two places which no longer supply Cornish Grit:

  • Chamberlains in the Mendips
  • Michael Kings

I hope this helps for those needing supplies. Thanks to the members who replied to the enquiry.

Welcome to new Members

  • Catherine Bond
  • Gordon & Hilary Roberts
  • Anne Kaile
  • Susan Whitehead

We hope you enjoy the group.

And Finally

Penny Berry writes: Members who have not used Riverside bulbs may like to know that I placed an order and was very impressed with the quality of the bulbs and their efficiency.

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