Meeting Reminder for Saturday 15th April

Our next group meeting is coming up on Saturday 15th.

Derek Dexter – ‘Fuchsias My Way’

Derek has 22 years’ experience of growing award-winning fuchsias, and has won a number of medals at Hampton Court Flower Show.  He has been a member of the British Fuchsia Society for 17 years and is an expert in his field, growing many different types of fuchsia which can’t be bought from local nurseries.

In this talk, Derek will tell us how to grow, propagate and overwinter our fuchsias.  He will also be looking back over his own career in horticulture – the triumphs and disasters!  There will be advice on how to deal with fuchsia pests and diseases, and how to keep your plants looking their best all summer. 

Caroline Reeves asks:

We need a couple of people to help with serving refreshments at the plant sale on the 22nd at West Monkton Village Hall and also  donations of plants for the group’s sales table and cakes to serve with the refreshments.

Many thanks, Caroline.