Nursery Booklet 2023

Good day Fellow Members,

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer and your garden has not suffered too much during the dry weather. I volunteered to help with the 2023 Somerset HPS Specialist Nursery Directory and will shortly contact the following nurseries to ascertain if they would be willing to support the 2023 directory:

  • Avon Bulbs
  • Beggars Roost Plants
  • Burrow Farm Gardens
  • C B Plants
  • Champion Plants
  • Chelston Nurseries
  • Chew Valley Trees
  • Cove Garden Nursery
  • Desert to Jungle
  • Dorset Water Lilies
  • Elworthy Cottage Plants
  • Forde Abbey Nursery
  • Forton Nursery
  • Greenshutters Nurseries
  • Hill House Nursery
  • In Clover
  • Kapunda Plants
  • Longacre Plants
  • Mallet Court Nursery
  • Margery Fish Nursery
  • Middlecombe Nursery
  • Peake Perennials
  • Pennard Plants
  • Perrie Hale Nursery
  • Plant Wild
  • Special Plants
  • Triffid Nursery
  • White Post Nursery
  • Wivey Carnivorous
  • Plus: Teresa Moss – Rare Plant Fair

Please do let me know if there are any other nurseries you think may be interested in taking part in the directory.  If so, I would be grateful if you could email me:

  1. The name of a contact person
  2. The name of the nursery
  3. A contact email address and/or telephone number.

I look forward to hearing from you, ideally by 16th September, 2022.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Angela Summers