Members AGM & Talk by Bob Brown

Hello Friends,

HPS Somerset AGM on 21st November 2020 at 10:30am

With the new lock down we need to hold the AGM as an online event whilst meeting in person is no longer possible. We will be running the AGM via Zoom starting at 10:30am on Saturday 21st of November.

  • You do not need to open a zoom account to attend, but you will need the Zoom software on your device.
  • If you need to practise with Zoom beforehand you can join a test meeting using this link: which will establish whether your device has Zoom installed. Zoom is available for desktops, laptops, phones and tablets

Voting will be by a show of hands, which assumes you have your video camera switched on so we can see you. If you wish to ask questions or make nominations you will need to connect to audio so we can hear you.

We also assume you have a copy of the AGM document sent by post which includes the minutes from last year and the agenda for this year.

Members have been sent the zoom link for the event privately – if you need the details again, please make contact.

At 11:15am will be a talk by Bob Brown on ‘My 30 Best Plants’ (also on Zoom).

Some of you may have visited Bob Brown’s nursery, Cotswold Garden Flowers, near Evesham. His mail order catalogue is a delight, with pithy comments and marks out of 10 for plants: scores that he changes if a plant fails to live up to its initial grading. Known for his forthright views and occasionally controversial opinions, in this talk Bob will be taking us through his best ‘doers’. It promises to be an entertaining hour in the company of a true plantsman.

Chair and Membership Secretary
HPS Somerset Group

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