Message From ex-Chairman Roy

A big thank you for your generosity.

Following my last meeting as chairman on Saturday, it was only when I got home and pondered the proceedings that the full extent of your generosity struck me. Three lovely shrubs (Corylopsis sinensis, Neillia thibeticus and Ozothamnus ledifolius, all with Stuart’s hand crafted everlasting labels) plus 3 CDs of wonderful music that doesn’t get heard enough and on top of that a very significant cheque and a huge card that so many of you signed.

Putting it all together I have been totally overwhelmed by the send off you have given me – generous and touching words of appreciation, beautiful plants that will always remind me of my friends in Somerset group, and music, that balm of the soul, for quieter moments and dark evenings. Mere words cannot fully convey the feelings I have deep inside me for this amazing expression of support. That will stay with me as a constant reminder of the great times we have enjoyed together.

Thank you all so much. I’ll still be around of course and to whoever may succeed me as chairman I hope you will be able to extend the same support and affection that you have shown towards me. Finally may I reiterate that running a Group like ours is a team effort and I shall always be grateful to the happy band of committee members (past as well as present) who have so ably worked to help deliver the good things we have enjoyed over the last 12 years.


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