Meeting Reminder – 15th September

50/50 Plant Sale: 10.00 – 11.00am (Hall opens at 9.30am)

11.00am: Julian Sutton – ‘How the Flowers Became’

Many of you will be familiar with Julian Sutton who, with his wife Sarah, runs Desirable Plants, a mail-order nursery based in Totnes. In this lecture, Julian will be looking at the nature of flowers, their form, colour and even their biological behaviour.  The lecture includes a series of fascinating stories surrounding the evolution of floral diversity, including the origin of flowers themselves, all illustrated by garden-worthy plants.

Plants for sale

Other Notes for Saturday

  • Caroline and Hester are looking forward to receiving your donations of gardening books for the book table. All proceeds go towards Somerset HPS
  • Showa gloves and marker pens will also be on sale on Saturday.

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