Tea Organiser Needed for Our Meetings

Our current tea organiser Biz Gibbs is moving to Totnes so a vacancy has arisen for someone to take on managing the tea and refreshments for each group meeting.

The role is that of a team leader, responsible for ensuring that there is always a crew in the kitchen for each meeting, which means maintaining a rota, which of course needs to bridge the periods when we don’t have meetings, so the co-ordinator needs to plan ahead. He/she needs also to get to know people and to compile the rota through personal contacts and only in case of real need should the Chairman have to make an announcement and circulate a clipboard for people to sign on. This will happen occasionally e.g. at the beginning of a new session, but not on a regular basis.

Other responsibilities include:
  • To do the provisioning so that the workers in the kitchen will have everything they need on hand
  • To be part of the serving team as needed
  • To consider a new idea of asking for cakes for each meeting and coordinating cake donations, if possible
If you have the interest and time to take this on, please get in touch (by replying to this email) or to Roy. Without a volunteer we will all get thirsty, so please consider this important role.

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