Plant of The Month Volunteer


Jane Hunt has kindly sent in the Plant of the Month contributions for the past year, and would like to pass on the horticultural baton for 2018. Jane believes someone at the AGM already suggested they’d like to be the PotM chief so if that person was you, please let us know.

The role is quite simple, pick a plant, provide a good photo which will work when small and write a few words as background on your pick, then send it to Bill for loading onto the website. Repeat this process once a month and Bob is indeed your uncle.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Plant of the Month, this is displayed on the right hand side of the home page, and an archive of previous PotMs is saved here:

From myself and the Committee – have a very good Christmas and see you all in 2018.


Photos from the AGM below – click to enlarge.

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