Meeting Reminder – Sept 16th

This Saturday 16th we resume our season of meetings with a talk from Kevin Hughes and also the 50/50 plant sale.

50/50 Plant Sale

The 50/50 Plant Sale prior to the talk at our September meeting each autumn continues to prove popular.  The Group keeps half the money taken and returns the other half to the seller. The hall will be open from 9.40am – 10.10am to receive your plants to sell.

Please ensure that each plant has two identical labels, both of them bearing the name of the plant, your name and the price.  One will be removed so that the amount you are owed can be totted up and given to you at the end of the meeting, when you can also reclaim any unsold plants and your labels (tip: write in pencil on the labels so that they may be reused).

Selling will take place between 10.20am and 11.00am, at which point the lecture begins.  Offers of help with selling on the day will be most welcome.

Altogether, it promises to be an excellent opportunity to bag some choice plants while the soil is still warm enough to plant them.

Saturday 16th September – 11.00am 

Kevin Hughes – ‘Less Common Trees and Shrubs for the Smaller Garden’

Kevin Hughes Plants is based at Heale Gardens, near Salisbury, where he grows a superb choice of good quality hardy trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials, many of them not widely available elsewhere.   With a vast horticultural knowledge yet an unassuming manner, he is a popular and absorbing speaker.  In this talk, he will be showing us some of the more unusual plants we can enjoy in our own gardens.  Bring a notebook!

Plants for sale


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