Meeting Reminder: Saturday Sept 17th

Salvia 'Blue Note'
Salvia ‘Blue Note’

Our new season kicks off with a Plant Sale at 10am in West Monkton Village Hall, followed by a fascinating lecture at 11am from Janet Buist – ‘Salvias; their History and Cultivation’.

Janet has run Pennycross Nursery in Cambridgeshire for 17 years and has been collecting salvias from the beginning. She has grown 350 different specimens but has scaled her collection down to those she considers to be ‘garden worthy’ varieties.  The talk will include salvias from around the world, illustrated by exquisite photographs taken by Janet’s husband, David.  No doubt we will come away with some useful tips on how to keep and propagate these wonderfully aromatic plants, as well as a better knowledge of their origins and historical usage.

Janet has spoken at many other HPS group meetings and her talks are always popular.  Don’t miss it!

Refreshments Crisis!

So far we have no volunteers to help with teas at this Saturday’s meeting. We need two people to bring milk and biscuits, and make the teas. If you could help for this one meeting, please contact us right away. The alternative is water and fresh air, which may suit the plants for sale but will bring members little cheer!

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